Quality Dental Fillings in Tucson (Restorations)

Are you in pain and need dental fillings?

The #1 reason a patient seeks dental care is for the treatment and prevention of dental cavities. Unfortunately, far too often the problem is not solved after your first filling is placed in the tooth. Available composites actually shrink up to 5% after placement. This shrinkage can allow bacteria to invade under your filling and cause even more decay.On the other hand, amalgam (silver) fillings expand up to 7% and can result in breaking your teeth.

Composite and amalgam (silver) fillings are brittle and can break down. Resulting in more decay. Both situations lead to ongoing replacement and deepening of existing fillings, and eventually lead to crowns, root canals, or tooth loss.

How can Dr. Farnum help me take control of my dental health?

Dr. Farnum will work with you to develop an individualized treatment plan providing:

  • Defense against Recurring Tooth Decay
  • Long Lasting Dental Fillings (Restorations)
  • Bio-compatible Materials to Support Your Health
  • Cost Effective Treatment and Financial Investment Options
  • Regularly Scheduled ‘No-Scrape’ Dental Cleaning and Checkups

Frequently Asked Questions

1How can I get Quality Dental Fillings (Restorations) that Last?
A quality dental filling should return the tooth to healthy form and function as well as protect your teeth from recurring decay. Your filling should be long lasting and be bio-compatible. Dr. Farnum has researched and found the best restoration materials that dentistry has to offer: gold and porcelain. Few dentist in Tucson offer these materials as they require more experience and skill to use than the alternatives. Your benefits of these materials are so great that Dr. Farnum is absolutely passionate about them. Dr. Farnum is a master in the art of gold and porcelain fillings (restorations) and guarantees the quality of his materials. Click here for more information on gold and porcelain.
2How can I Defend against Recurring Decay?
Gold and porcelain return teeth to Healthy Form and Function. Gold and porcelain restorations, when properly fitted and placed, are longer lasting, healthier, and provide the best barrier against recurring tooth decay than any other dental material. What does this mean for you? Less recurring decay means less re-drilling of your teeth, less replacement of fillings, less time in a dentist chair, less overall pain, less overall expense, healthier teeth and a happier you throughout your lifetime.
3What if I want a White Filling or a Composite Filling?
There are two options for ‘white’ or tooth colored fillings: porcelain (glass) or composite (plastic). A porcelain filling or restoration returns the tooth to form and function, provides defense against recurring decay, is cosmetically attractive and can last you up to 25+ years. Being composed of glass porcelain fillings or restorations can break. Composite fillings have a lower cost, are cosmetically attractive, are easier to place than porcelain, and last an average of 5 to 8 years. Dr. Farnum has researched the market for composite formulas that provide high quality service and bio-compatibility. For patients who prefer a composite, he typically recommends Diamond Crown which can be color matched to the tooth.
4What if I want a Silver Filling?
Dr. Farnum is respectful of patients wishes. If you want silver fillings, he can provide you with a referral to another dentist.
5What if I think I have a cavity, or a broken tooth, or need extensive dental work done? What can I expect from my treatment with Dr. Farnum?
Dental Restoration (single filling) and Reconstruction (whole mouth repair) When you make an appointment, Dr. Farnum will personally assess your condition and offer you the most healthful, effective, and biologically compatible recommendations to return you to optimal dental health, with options that fit your unique needs. You can expect considerate, professional care focused on returning your teeth and mouth to Healthy Form and Function.