Gold and Porcelain

Healthy Materials: Gold and Porcelain

Dr. Farnum’s philosophy is to use the least reactive, longest lasting, most cost-effective materials in his dental practice. One material consistently performs to the highest degree in each of these categories: Gold. True porcelain is the next best performer. (You may find data that states an average of 25 years of all gold fillings. This data takes into account fillings that are poorly made and poorly sealed. Dr. Farnum is highly skilled in gold work and guarantees his materials and techniques are of the highest quality.)

Dr. Farnum is Master in Gold and Porcelain Restoration.

Dr. Farnum is passionate about gold and has focused his practice on gold and porcelain restoration. While gold and porcelain restoration work requires a higher degree of skill and effort for the dentist, Dr. Farnum feels that the patient benefits are too great to ignore. Gold and porcelain simply offer the greatest opportunity for oral and whole-body health of any materials available! With years of experience Dr. Farnum has become a master in the art of gold and porcelain restoration.

Why don’t more dentists offer restoration with gold?

Many dentists do not offer gold restoration because it is very time consuming and difficult to master. However, Dr. Farnum feels that the significant benefits out weight the challenges. Dentists who are knowledgeable about the benefits of gold and porcelain, use it for themselves and their families.

The patient benefits of choosing gold and porcelain as restorative dental materials are clear:

Gold and Porcelain Last. When made and sealed properly, gold fillings will last upwards of 32 years. Porcelain can provide long lasting service in many applications. Silver and other composites typically last less than 10 years. Longer-lasting fillings mean less time spent in a dentist’s chair getting teeth drilled and fillings replaced, less money spent on restoration, and you get to keep more of your teeth!

Gold and Porcelain Perform. Gold and porcelain restore teeth to form and function like no other materials, thanks to their physical and chemical properties. Gold fillings allow correction for improper bite, leaning or missing teeth, etc. Gold and porcelain also afford tissue and bone the greatest opportunity to return to healthiness. In fact, proper gold restoration performs second only to the natural tooth! Gold provides the best service, but porcelain may be preferred where appearance is of concern.

Gold and Porcelain Prevent Future Problems. When made and sealed properly, gold and porcelain fillings prevent recurring decay because they do not shrink or break the way composite fillings do. Gold and porcelain stay in place and prevent bacteria from getting into the tooth, which means the natural tooth lasts longer. As a result, patients whose mouths have been restored with gold and porcelain rarely face the need for new fillings, root canals, or dentures!

Gold and Porcelain are Biocompatible. Dr. Farnum uses an alloy of 90% gold and 10% platinum, which is even less reactive than gold, and added to improve hardness. The resulting material is essentially inert in the body, minimizing reactivity while maximizing performance of the material. True porcelain, made from silica, is also essentially inert in the body. These materials allow the greatest opportunity for balanced oral and overall health, second only to a non-restored, healthy mouth.

Gold and Porcelain are Cost-Effective. While the up-front cost of gold and porcelain restoration is greater than that of composite or amalgam, the lifetime costs are far less. Investing in gold and porcelain restoration means fewer visits to the dentist in the future for replacement, repair, or more drastic procedures. This not only saves money in the long run, it avoids the pain and inconvenience of future problems and saves your teeth.

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