Dr. Farnum’s Biological Dentistry

A New Concept in Oral Health: Biological Dentistry

An Alternative Approach to Dentistry

Dr. Farnum’s dedication to Biological Dentistry comes from experiencing firsthand the benefits this practice offers to his patients. It makes sense to only use materials that are biologically compatible and biochemically non-reactive. Dr. Farnum considers all dental materials placed in the teeth to be the equivalent of time release drugs, and is concerned about the effects this can have on whole-body health. Over time, these materials degrade and are released into the system where problems can develop. Dr. Farnum strives to use bio-compatible materials that minimize these problems. His understanding and consideration toward chemical sensitivities, allergies, and concerns about toxins make him a unique doctor in the dental field.

What is Biological Dentistry, and why is it the best choice for my whole-body health?

Biological Dentistry is based on the concept that oral health and whole-body health are inextricably related; a healthy mouth supports a healthy body. Therefore, as Biological Dentists,

"We use the highest quality materials and safest, most effective methods to offer patients the greatest opportunity for oral and overall health.”

Dr. Farnum

Biological Dentistry means using effective, proven techniques and the fewest, most bio-compatible (biologically safer) materials possible. Dr. Farnum has found that using bio-compatible, biologically safe*, long-lasting materials for restoration and reconstruction offers patients the best opportunity for lifelong dental health. Thanks to this approach and Dr. Farnum's high level of skill, his patients have few recurring decay problems and enjoy the benefits of high-quality dental work. As a Biological Dentist, Dr Farnum:

  • Is an IAOMT accredited Biological Dentist;
  • Employs the finest, most effective technologies and procedures;
  • Utilizes high quality materials that are biologically safe ( Note: We use the safest ADA approved materials we can find, however, some highly sensitive individuals may have low tolerance levels even to these. );
  • Provides long-term, cost-effective service.
Click Here for more information on IAOMT.
1Why do patients from all over the world seek out Dr. Farnum’s expertise?

Our patients set high standards for the health and well-being of themselves and their families. They are educated about the potential health risks associated with some commonly used dental materials. Patients seek out Dr. Farnum’s expertise not only in contemporary dentistry, but his mastery in mercury-free, and biological dentistry, practices they know take their whole-body health into account.

2What makes Dr. Farnum’s approach so unique?

Dr. Farnum understands that dental materials can have an impact on the overall health of the patient. He is passionate about providing his patients with healthier alternatives to some commonly used dental materials. Through years of practice, he has witnessed the significant benefits that gold and porcelain restorations offer. He is one of the few dentists that offers expert gold and porcelain restoration.

3What if I’m looking for a naturopathic dentist, holistic dentist, or alternative dentist?

Some people may be looking for a naturopathic dentist, holistic dentist, or alternative dentist. There is a professional association of dentists that are concerned about whole body health and they prefer the term Biological Dentist. As a Biological Dentist, Dr. Farnum’s philosophy and approach typically meet the concerns of patients searching for these alternatives. Dr. Farnum’s knows that oral health and whole-body health are inextricably related; a healthy mouth supports a healthy body.