Biological Dentistry

Biological Dentistry

As a Biological Dentist, Dr. Farnum uses effective, proven techniques and the fewest bio-compatible materials possible. Using bio-compatible, long-lasting materials for restoration and reconstruction offers patients the best opportunity for lifelong dental health.

Thanks to this approach and Dr. Farnum’s high level of skill, his patients have few recurring decay problems and enjoy the benefits of high-quality dental work.

Frequently Asked Questions

1What dental reconstruction/restoration materials are best for my whole-body health?

Choosing Bio-Compatible Dental Materials, the Gold Standard of Dentistry

Dr. Farnum has researched the bio-compatibility of available dental materials. He has become passionate about the health benefits and overall effectiveness of gold. No other restorative material compares with gold for effectiveness, longevity, lack of chemical reactivity, value, and bio-compatibility with oral tissues. These properties make it the best material for returning teeth to Form and Function while supporting whole-body health.This is why it is called the ‘Gold Standard’ of dentistry.

For restorations, Dr. Farnum prefers a high quality platinum-gold alloy that meets his specifications. Porcelain has benefits similar to gold, including bio-compatibility. Where desired for aesthetic reasons, gold can be covered with porcelain, or dental work can be 100% porcelain, to mimic and blend with the surrounding natural teeth.

Other dental materials used in Dr. Farnum’s practice are chosen based on their low re-activity, bio-compatibility and ultimate support of oral and whole-body health. Most patients, even those with chemical sensitivities, are typically comfortable with the materials used by Dr. Farnum.

If you have any concerns, please let us know and we will work together to create a solution for you.

2Why is Gold such a great option for my dental needs?

Invest in Health Solutions - The Benefits of Gold and Porcelain Restorations.

Dr. Farnum is passionate about gold and porcelain. They restore teeth to Form and Function like no other materials, thanks to their physical and chemical properties. Gold fillings allow correction for improper bite, and leaning or missing teeth. Where appearance is important, porcelain may be preferred. Gold and porcelain afford tissue and bone the greatest opportunity to return to health. In fact, proper gold and porcelain restorations perform second only to the natural tooth!

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