Personalized Service

Personal Care and Individualized Treatment Plan

At Dr. Farnum's, each patient receives personalized service and one-on-one attention from the doctor. Individualized treatment plans are developed from doctor-patient collaboration to meet the unique needs of each patient based on:

  • Restoration and reconstruction needs
  • Patient goals for oral health
  • Personal health concerns
  • Financial considerations and options

Why is a visit to Dr. Farnum such a unique experience?

A Truly Respectful, Healthful Experience. Dr. Farnum’s approach to dentistry reflects his philosophy.

  • All aspects of treatment are performed by the doctor himself
  • He takes time to listen to and answer patients questions
  • Care is taken to use healthful products and procedures
  • The doctor treats only one patient at a time
  • Your time is respected, he strives to stay on schedule
  • Dr. Farnum maintains a personal accessible office
  • His staff is dedicated to helping patients feel confident and at ease

Everyone is unique. Some people have unique sensitivities and needs. The doctor will discuss the pros and cons of the dental materials needed for your restoration. We welcome your thoughts and concerns and will work together with you to achieve long term success.

I have some sensitivities/health conditions/concerns about dental care. How can Dr. Farnum treat my unique needs?

How Can We Help You

Do you have unique needs, sensitivities, concerns, or questions? Dr. Farnum and his staff are educated, experienced and compassionate in situations requiring special attention. For more personal information regarding your condition or questions regarding a treatment plan for yourself, please contact our office and schedule a consultation with Dr. Farnum. We welcome your perspective and look forward to helping you achieve long-lasting oral health. For more information on sensitivities and allergies, click here.

I want to make the Investment in my teeth, what is the next step?

Financial Options: Please see Mary Cay to discuss financial options that can help you reach your goal.