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He’s Great!

Over the years I have developed a deep appreciation for and confidence in Dr. Farnum. I am pleased to recommend him to anyone who is concerned about the chemicals they are exposed to and/or wants their fillings to last. I have found that Dr. Farnum thinks first of the patient and applies his philosophy and experience to recommend the best treatment he can. I was initially concerned about the cost of the treatment, but was pleased to find the results have full value! I am so happy with the restorations Dr. Farnum performed. I feel confident that these restorations will last most, if not all, of my life. I don’t have to worry about developing cavities under my gold fillings like I did under the amalgam. I had also tried a resin filling but it was a complete failure! Gold may cost more up front, but I would have spent far more replacing resin fillings over and over again.

Dr. Farnum has treated me with kindness and patience. Dr. Farnum was never in a rush which made me feel comfortable and he immediately gave me breaks when I needed them.

I was also concerned about exposure to mercury when it came time to remove the old amalgam fillings. Before going to Dr. Farnum, I was sick for days following the removal of an amalgam filling. Using his protocols, I did not experience any illness after Dr. Farnum removed the amalgam.

When I first came to Dr. Farnum, I had failing resin and amalgam fillings. The resin filling was not even two years old and my body did not like it. My gum had turned dark next to the resin and pulled away from it. I have learned that it is not uncommon for a resin filling to fail after two years. The filling was large, and resin shrinks after placement, so it was not the best material for the application. Dr. Farnum replaced the resin filling with gold and over the following years my gum returned to healthy color and filled in the area where it had receded.

Since I became a patient of Dr. Farnum’s, I have learned a lot about gold fillings and alternative materials. I am convinced that quality gold fillings are the best solution for restoring my teeth. I hope Dr. Farnum is around for some time to continue to provide the high quality services that I have come to expect. – G. Cummings, V.P. Engineering Consulting Company

Greta Cummings

Kristi Mattson, M.D. recommends Dr. Farnum

Many patients with Environmental Illness and Multiple Chemical Sensitivities have heavy metal toxicity. If you and your physician are making plans to have your mercury amalgam dental fillings replaced, you will want a dentist who uses appropriate protocols to help protect you from further mercury exposure during the procedure.

Dr. Farnum is highly skilled and experienced in providing excellent dental care to the chemically challenged population. Dr. Farnum’s office may be more accessible to certain disabled MCS patients because he is a sole practitioner and can offer a high degree of flexibility to his patients. Environmental concerns may be more easily addressed through options such as open windows, air filters, being first patient of the day, waiting outside prior to the appointment, using personal oxygen, and so on.

Based on personal experience, Dr. Mattson strongly recommends Dr. Farnum for his superb skill and experience in all dental procedures and his compassionate and creative artistry in the precision use of gold for dental applications. Dr. Kristi Mattson encourages MCS patients to consider using Dr. Farnam’s high quality gold for their dental restorations. However, each MCS patient should be independently tested through blood antibody and/or other sensitivity screening prior to placement of dental materials.

Dr. Kristi Mattson is a Medical Adviser to the Human Ecology Action League (HEAL) of Southern Arizona. The local chapter of HEAL is a nonprofit organization founded in 1977 to provide information about the harmful effects of chemicals on human health. HEAL educates the public and helps members learn how to cope with the challenges of living with Multiple Chemical Sensitivities. For more information about HEAL go to

Kristi Mattson, M.D.

To Whom It May Concern:

November 23, 2012

To whom it may concern:

Dr. Stanley Farnum has been my dentist for 3 or 4 years. I had previously been seeing a dentist who was competent, but who I felt was always looking for procedures that he could do on my teeth in order to make more money. Once I decided to leave his practice and seek a new dentist I spent several months doing research, because I was determined to find a dentist who was open to the use of natural alternatives whenever possible, and willing to forgo the use of mercury in fillings. I finally found Dr. Farnum, and I was happy to join his patient base even though his office was rather far from my home.

Here’s what I like about Dr. Farnum, his office and his staff:

The office, waiting room and facilities are tastefully decorated and spotless.

The staff – as far as I know – consists of Dr. Farnum, his lovely wife Mary Kay, who acts as receptionist, etc.. and Cecilia, the dental assistant. All three are friendly, warm and helpful. I also love the fact that the staff is so small. This is not a “mill” like many of the dental offices I’ve been to, with multiple receptionists, assistant, etc. and a dentist who has several patients in several rooms which he bops in and out of. Dr. Farnum and Cecilia give each patient their full attention for the entire time they are there.

Dr. Farnum believes in doing what’s best for the patient, by which I mean that he doesn’t seek extra work to enrich himself. I believe that his philosophy is: “If it’s not broke, don’t fix it.”

Whenever I’ve had something that needs fixing, Dr. Farnum has explained clearly to me what the problem is, and the various options that are available to him to remedy it. He then gives me the timeand freedom to make my own choice between those options.

Dr. Farnum uses the best materials available. He has many years of experience, and during those years he has learned which materials last longest and are most compatible with gum tissue, etc.

Dr. Farnum is a perfectionist in his craft as a dentist, and will only accept perfection from those who supply his materials, crowns, bridges, etc.

As an example of my experience with him, I’d like to tell you about the big job that he did for me earlier this year. Over the years I had been wearing down my front teeth by grinding and clenching my jaw. There were also big gaps between my upper front teeth, and the enamel was getting rubbed off them. I was becoming self conscious about the appearance of my teeth. Dr. Farnum had not pressed me to veneer them or crown them as my previous dentist had done years before. But I was finally ready to do something about them, plus we needed to replace the bridge that I had had for several years (installed by my previous dentist, and also on my upper teeth, on the side) which had recently become loose. Many of the crowns that I had had for many years on my upper teeth were old and getting worn out. So, I decided to “bite the big one” and have Dr. Farnum replace all my old upper crowns, crown my upper front teeth in a way that would make them look attractive, and replace the bridge. Dr. Farnum spent a lot of time with me, informing me about the options in materials, etc. In order to keep me from wearing down my new front crowns, he told me that he was going to make the bridge and the new crown on the sides “longer” so that my bite would open up, preventing my lower teeth from wearing away the back of my upper front teeth as they had done to my original teeth. I’m sure that a cosmetic dentist would not think to do this.

In one (long) appointment, Dr. Farnum and Cecilia prepared all my upper teeth and made a temporary bridge and crowns. They took pains to help me choose a color for my new crowns which would complement my existing teeth, but brighten my look without looking artificial. Then came an anxious two weeks while the new bridge and crowns were manufactured by the excellent company that does all such work for Dr. Farnum. I say anxious, because the temporaries for my front teeth had little to hold onto, and fell out several times. Dr. Farnum had warned me of this, but he explained to me that it would have been inadvisable to use stronger glue because it would be impossible to remove them when the permanent crowns were ready for installation. He was kind enough to re-glue the temporaries a couple of times, making a special trip to meet me at the office one of those times since it was his day off. When the new bridge and crowns were ready, he told me that he could have had them for me sooner, but had not been 100% pleased with appearance of the original set, so he had sent them back to be redone! Needless to say, my new upper teeth look and feel great. Thank you Dr. Farnum, Cecilia and Mary Kay!


Susan Artemis

Susan Artemis


Exceptional!! There is no other way that I can describe Dr. Farnum. All my past dental problems have been permanently solved by this one man. He is incredibly competent as well as kind and thoughtful. With his many years of experience he fully understands the history of dentistry and keenly knows the strengths and weaknesses of modern day dentistry. This is a very rare find indeed for patients that are looking for extraordinary competence and consistent successful results in dental care. I have now been a patient of his for many years and highly recommend this wonderful dentist.

John Hufault

John Hufault