Biological Dentistry and Chemical Sensitivities and Allergies

Dr. Farnum’s practice is open to patients with Chemical Sensitivities and Allergies:

Treatment for Patients with Chemical Sensitivities or Allergies

How fortunate for the chemically sensitive patients that there is a proven material used throughout the ages of dentistry that is highly bio-compatible: Gold.”¬†- Dr. Farnum

An Alternative Approach to Dentistry

Dr. Farnum has successfully treated many patients with chemical sensitivities and allergies who come to him looking for alternatives to commonly used dental materials. His patients have found his approach to dentistry, use of bio-compatible materials, and individualized treatment plans to be respectful and effective.

Dr. Farnum’s dedication to Biological Dentistry comes from experiencing firsthand the benefits this practice offers to his patients. It makes sense to only use materials that are biologically compatible and biochemically non-reactive. Dr. Farnum considers all dental materials placed in the teeth to be the equivalent of time release drugs, and is concerned about the effects this can have on whole-body health. Over time, materials degrade and are released into the system where problems can develop, especially for the chemically sensitive individual. Dr. Farnum strives to use bio-compatible materials that minimize these problems. His understanding and consideration toward chemical sensitivities, allergies, and concerns about toxins make him a unique doctor in the dental field.

All of the dental materials and preparations Dr. Farnum uses are ADA certified and are elected for their high quality and bio-compatibility. Dr. Farnum strives to limit exposures to potential toxins in the office environment as well, being mindful of all office and cleaning supplies as potential incitants. Even individuals with chemical sensitivities are typically comfortable with the materials and applications used in the office.

Addressing Chemical Sensitivities and Allergies

Many allergic and chemically sensitive people feel like they have been treated as difficult patients. Dr. Farnum understands that it is the allergies and sensitivities that are difficult. He and his staff are happy to work with you to the best of their abilities to address concerns about your visit and ensure that your needs are met.

  • During your appointment, you will be Dr. Farnum’s only patient, and only he will work with you.
  • The protective protocols followed in the office limit exposures to all patients.
  • If you are concerned about a possible reaction to dental materials and would like to be tested, Dr. Farnum will work with you and your doctor, or can refer you to a doctor, for evaluation to determine the best materials for you.
  • Please contact the office with your specific concerns so they can be addressed.


Kristi Mattson, M.D. recommends Dr. Farnum:

Many patients with Environmental Illness and Multiple Chemical Sensitivities have heavy metal toxicity. If you and your physician are making plans to have your mercury amalgam dental fillings replaced, you will want a dentist who uses appropriate protocols to help protect you from further mercury exposure during the procedure.

Dr. Farnum is highly skilled and experienced in providing excellent dental care to the chemically challenged population. Dr. Farnum’s office may be more accessible to certain disabled MCS patients because he is a sole practitioner and can offer a high degree of flexibility to his patients. Environmental concerns may be more easily addressed through options such as open windows, air filters, being first patient of the day, waiting outside prior to the appointment, using personal oxygen, and so on.

Based on personal experience, Dr. Mattson strongly recommends Dr. Farnum for his superb skill and experience in all dental procedures and his compassionate and creative artistry in the precision use of gold for dental applications. Dr. Kristi Mattson encourages MCS patients to consider using Dr. Farnam’s high quality gold for their dental restorations. However, each MCS patient should be independently tested through blood antibody and/or other sensitivity screening prior to placement of dental materials.”

Dr. Kristi Mattson is a Medical Advisor to the Human Ecology Action League (HEAL) of Southern Arizona. The local chapter of HEAL is a nonprofit organization founded in 1977 to provide information about the harmful effects of chemicals on human health. HEAL educates the public and helps members learn how to cope with the challenges of living with Multiple Chemical Sensitivities. For more information about HEAL go to