Comfortable “No Scrape” Advanced Ultrasonic Dental Cleaning:

Choice Tools and Techniques Lead to Incredible Tooth and Tissue Health.

Say Goodbye to that irritating scraping that accompanies most dental cleanings!

What is No-Scrape State-of-the-Art Dental Cleaning?

Ultrasonic cleaning is so much faster, more pleasant and more comfortable than hand scaling. It’s the best way to get my teeth cleaned.” patient Greta Cummings

Dr. Farnum’s top choice for your dental cleaning is the state of the art Star Titan Ultrasonic Scaler, an effective alternative to traditional hand-scaling, providing you multiple benefits:

  • Fast and efficient dental cleaning
  • Less sensitivity during and after your dental cleaning
  • The ultrasonic pulse stimulates the growth of healthy tissue, replacing sick cells
  • incredibly healthy tissue and bone, when routine dental cleaning is coupled with the removal of bio-reactive dental materials.

Advanced Ultrasonic Dental Cleaning is performed by Dr. Farnum himself. As part of your cleaning appointment, Dr. Farnum will evaluate any problems and discuss concerns you may have. It is always best to address your concerns before they become more costly and painful problems.

Do you have unique dental needs, sensitivities, concerns, or questions?

Dr. Farnum and his staff are educated, experienced and compassionate in situations requiring special attention. For more personal information regarding advanced no scrape ultrasonic dental cleaning, your dental condition or questions regarding your personal treatment plan, please contact our office and schedule a consultation with Dr. Farnum.

We welcome your perspective and look forward to helping you achieve long-lasting oral health.