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Why You Should Experience Biological Dentisty

Your Personal Dentist


Everyone is unique. Some people have unique sensitivities and needs. The doctor will personally discuss the pros and cons of the dental materials for your unique needs.

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Mercury Concerns


Dr. Farnum's answering service is happy to take your calls and alert the doctor of serious concerns after hours. He knows dental problems cannot tell time. Feel free to call anytime. (520) 721-7874

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Your Overall Health


Biological Dentistry emphasizes use of nontoxic restoration materials while focusing on the unrecognized impact dental toxins and hidden dental infections can have on overall health.

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Hello, My Name is Dr. Stanley Farnum


Dr. Stan Farnum is committed to providing complete care that is sensitive to patients’ dental, philosophical, and over all physical health. Dr. Farnum’s style is informative and non-threatening; he fosters a relationship of trust and confidence, responsive to patient questions, input, and feedback. And in so doing, Dr. Farnum brings peace of mind to a potentially stressful experience.

Meet Dr. Farnum for yourself. He is ready to guide you to a lifetime of dental health. For a friendly and pleasant dental experience with amazing results performed in absolute comfort, book your consultation now.

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Discover the Benefits of Biological Dentistry

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